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Kart Chains - Choose the Best Kart Chain and Look After it.

Looking after your Kart Chain, fitting your kart chain and choosing the best brand.

Apart from making sure your chain isn't going to break from over use you should also make sure your chain is perfectly clean, especially when you run in a low power class like cadet.

You can use petrol or a solvent to clean your chain as often as possible and then blast it with a air gun, because dirt in the chain will increase wear and cause drag on your engine and slow you down. Once your chain is clean you will have removed all the lubrication so you will need to replenish that with some good lubricant. General purpose oil for lubrication will do or engine oil, soak your chain and give the oil time to really penetrate all the moving parts.

Some guys really like to take extra care of their kart chain my going all out and soaking the chain with a mixture of oil and wax, with some heat to make sure the mixture gets into the chain really well.

Once the chain is cleaned and oiled its a good idea to keep the chain in its original packaging, that way it will stay oiled and you will easily be able to tell the size of the chain from the box!

At the track if you have time it is smart to go through cleaning your chain thoroughly after each outing and then thoroughly lubricating the chain with your favourite chain lube. As a minimum requirement your chain must be lubricated before each track session.

D.I.D chains have been arond in karting for as long as I can remember, and for a few extra pounds I would always buy a DID before any other brand.

When fitting your chain to your kart you should always leave some slack in the chain. There should be enough slack in the chain to move it up and down easily, with 10mm between the upper and lower limts of that movement. Also make sure your axle sprocket and engine sprocket are in perfect alignment with a straight edge or a special laser tool


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DID are one of the most popular high quality kart chains