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Warden Law Track Guide by Mini-Max Driver Stuart Sellars

Front running mini-max driver Stuart Sellars gives us a no nonsense guide to the fast way round Warden Law, one of his favourite tracks.

Stuart was the WTP Cadet lap record holder and bagged a top ten finish this year at the Warden Law Super 1 round so this is high quality information. Stu is also a favourite of the EvenFlow coaching crew, and is well recognised for his outstanding overtaking moves!


Stuart Sellars Mini Max

TURN 1. and 2.

You need to be very brave and take as near to flat out as you can but it is important that you keep as close as you can to the inside of the corner on the exit so as you can straight line the second corner.


You can take this flat out but need to brake on exit so that you are slow enough for turn four.


You have to take care on this corner. You can not go to deep into it or else it will throw your chain off, but at the same time you cannot go to wide or the same thing will happen on the outside of the corner.


There are two lines into this corner the first one is simple your on the outside stab the brakes on for a split second turning and power on all the way from when you're off the brakes.

The second one is a risky one that you can throw your chain of doing it, go from the outside take a early entry clip the curb on the way in and let the kart drift on the way out.


Lock up the breaks release slightly but not all the way turn in try to jack the inside back wheel release the breaks fully and accelerate out of the corner.


Right hand turn is flat out but also is a brilliant over taking place.

How to overtake at turn seven everyone moves from the outside of turn six to the outside entry of turn seven instead of moving to the outside dive up the inside of turn seven.

The perfect line through turn seven take a wide entry and a late apex clip the last part of the curb and let the kart run wide through the rest of the corner.


There are three parts to this corner.

First part clip the curb on the way in keep it flat out until you see the second curb.

Second part when you hit the second curb stab your brakes for a split second accelerate immediately.

Third part clip the final curb on the way out but do not run wide power on up the hill to turn nine.


On the outside there is a little extension in the track at the start of that extension lock your breaks up release immediately turn in clip the inside curb with your front inside wheel accelerate out mind not to hit the curb on the outside of the track this could throw your chain off. Flat out to turn ten.

TURN 10.

Take a wide entry turn in tight and let the kart drift on the way out .while flat out all the way round the corner

TURN 11.

This is the same flat out all the way round until you see the sign for the pits then brake and turn into turn twelve.

TURN 12.

Break at the sign that says pits painted on the track turn in follow the white line through the corner and accelerate down the straight.

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